“From Coach to Champion: Morde Kharpuri’s Golden Victory at LastMan Standing Fight Night 2”

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In the heart of Meghalaya, a rising star has emerged in the world of combat sports—Morde Kharpuri. This skilled fighter and coach showcased his prowess on the international stage at LastMan Standing Fight Night 2, presented by Sunayana Entertainment, held on October 2nd, 2023, in Kolkata, India. Morde Kharpuri’s journey from the serene landscapes of Meghalaya to the intense boxing ring is a testament to dedication, hard work, and a passion for the sweet science.

The Gold Medal Moment:

The spotlight shone brightly on Morde Kharpuri as he stepped into the ring, representing not just himself but the spirit of Meghalaya. Competing in his weight category, Morde displayed a perfect blend of technique, strategy, and raw power. His boxing prowess left both opponents and spectators in awe, and as the final bell rang, Morde Kharpuri stood victorious, securing a well-deserved gold medal.

LastMan Standing Fight Night 2 Triumph:

The LastMan Standing Fight Night 2 proved to be the stage where Morde Kharpuri’s skills truly flourished. Under the banner of Sunayana Entertainment, the event provided a platform for athletes like Morde to showcase their talents and compete at the highest level. Morde’s journey through the championship was marked by strategic brilliance and a display of boxing mastery that captured the essence of the sweet science.

Coach Turned Champion:

Not only is Morde Kharpuri a formidable fighter, but he also holds the dual role of being a coach. His experience and knowledge of the sport extend beyond his own victories, as he mentors aspiring fighters in Meghalaya, nurturing the next generation of boxing talents. Morde’s success at LastMan Standing Fight Night 2 serves as inspiration for his students and fellow athletes in Meghalaya, proving that with dedication and guidance, dreams can become reality.

Sunayana Entertainment’s Role:

The role of Sunayana Entertainment in providing a stage for fighters like Morde Kharpuri cannot be overstated. The platform offered by LastMan Standing Fight Night 2 has become a catalyst for athletes from diverse backgrounds to showcase their skills and compete on an international level. Sunayana Entertainment’s commitment to promoting combat sports is evident, and fighters like Morde are reaping the benefits of such initiatives.

Celebrating a Boxing Maestro:

As news of Morde Kharpuri’s victory spread, celebrations erupted in Meghalaya. Local communities, gyms, and boxing enthusiasts rejoiced in the success of their homegrown talent. Morde’s triumph is not just a personal victory but a source of pride for the entire region, highlighting the potential and skill that Meghalaya contributes to the world of combat sports.


Morde Kharpuri’s journey from coach to champion is a story that resonates with passion, hard work, and the pursuit of excellence. His gold medal victory at LastMan Standing Fight Night 2 is not just a personal achievement but a symbol of inspiration for aspiring athletes in Meghalaya and beyond. As the echoes of his triumph reverberate through the boxing community, Morde Kharpuri stands tall as a testament to the indomitable spirit of athletes who dare to dream and emerge victorious in the sweet science of boxing.

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