“From Coach to Champion: Morde Kharpuri’s Golden Victory at LastMan Standing Fight Night 2”

In the heart of Meghalaya, a rising star has emerged in the world of combat sports—Morde Kharpuri. This skilled fighter and coach showcased his prowess on the international stage at LastMan Standing Fight Night 2, presented by Sunayana Entertainment, held on October 2nd, 2023, in Kolkata, India. Morde Kharpuri’s journey from the serene landscapes of […]

What should you wear to your Muay Thai class?

  When attending a Muay Thai class, it’s important to wear appropriate clothing that allows for comfort, flexibility, and safety. Here’s a guide on what to wear to your Muay Thai class: Shorts: Muay Thai shorts are specifically designed to provide maximum leg mobility and comfort during training. These shorts typically have a wide elastic […]

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