This person gave 250 crore rupees to Create Jagannath temple in London

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Puri place first comes to mind as Jagannath temple in India. This Puri temple is a world famous temple. Now Jagannath Dev is being installed in London as well. A temple of Jagannath Dev is also going to be built in London. In the meantime, a man from Odisha who is an Indian gave him 250 crore rupees in that temple. But who is this person?? Many questions arise in everyone’s mind. And because of this he has become a talking point. It is known that the name of this person is Vishwanath Patnayak.

This person emerged as an entrepreneur in 2009. He quit his job and started his own business. He is said to have several organizations in India. He has achieved much success as an industrialist. And he also loves to meditate. According to the news, he has also taken responsibility for the education of 500 Indian girls.

Meanwhile, he gave 250 crore rupees to build the Jagannath temple in London. It is said that the land will be bought with 70 crore rupees

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